Shave Brushes

Our story begins with our founder Juan Bautista Julián, artisan, entrepreneur, innovator and a man with a passion for classic shaving and personal care. In the beginning, a small workshop in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia served as the headquarters to produce his first masterpieces: unique handmade brushes and razors. With great skill and precision, through long hours of work, he perfected the manufacturing techniques.

All kinds of materials – wood, metals, resins and a wide variety of fibers and animal hair – were incorporated into the designs. The result of which created extraordinary tools of high precision and design that produced the best of shaves. Throughout the years, under a strict and rigorous process of selection of raw materials, exceptional formulas were developed for the creation of shaving soaps, creams and oils for the care of the beard. Using the purest manufacturing methods, natural elements never before seen for the elaboration of said products were incorporated.

Continuing with our philosophy of transforming the art of our expertise into products of the highest quality, Vielong is currently a world reference in shaving and men´s care.