The 2023 Men's Health Grooming Awards

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The 2023 Men's Health Grooming Awards

All sorts of new products are advertising cutting-edge innovations. Men's Health tested more than 200 of these offerings and found the actual best in the Men's Grooming category.

Here are the winners:

The 2023 Men's Health Grooming Awards

WALK DOWN any men’s grooming aisle and you’re bound to see a slew of products you’ve never seen before. Every year, more and more products launch that claim to streamline your routine, save you time and, most importantly, help you look better and feel cleaner. These products advertise breakthrough ingredients and cutting edge innovations, all of which are purported to make your life easier. But how do you know which are actually worth your time—and money?

That’s where we come in. Our team of intrepid testers put over 200 of these new products through their paces. They slathered, lathered, scrubbed and rubbed all kinds of products for months to figure out which actually lived up to their claims and which fell short. The result is the 2023 Men’s HealthGrooming Awards—the very best products to take your grooming routine to the next level.

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