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Hardworking Gentlemen Cleansing Eucalyptus Face Wash for Men 6 oz.

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Cleansing Eucalyptus Scented Face Wash from Hardworking Gentlemen

Keep that moneymaker fresh. Start your day with the satisfaction of a blend of natural powerhouse ingredients combined into a foamy lather, activating the fresh scent of natural eucalyptus. You'll feel the active ingredients cleanse your face, removing oil and dirt while the amino acids and proteins increase collagen production and anti-aging properties, leaving you with fresh, soft, healthy skin


Coconut Oil + Amino Acids + Aloe Leaf + Tea Tree Oil + Chamomile + Vitamin E

This one has it all! Coconut oil, which moisturizes skin, helps reduce lines and wrinkles and protects from environmental toxins. Amino acids boost collagen production that hydrate and have anti-aging properties. Aloe leaf and tea tree combine to fight skin aging, reduce acne and help soothe skin, reducing redness and swelling. Chamomile is a powerful antioxidant that freshens the skin, reducing bacteria and cleansing the skin. Vitamin E is another antioxidant that protects your skin from damage like UV rays.